Hot Tapping/Under Pressure Drilling is a technique used in forming a new branch/connection to an existing pipework system without draining down the system.

Hot Tapping is the technique used for welding on a new branch or connection

Under Pressure Drilling is the technique when using a mechanical clamp or branch tee drilling into cast iron/ductile iron/copper/plastic/asbestos i.e. where welding cannot be used.

Therefore, new branches/connections can be made to existing pipework systems while maintaining

  • Full flow
  • Temperature
  • System Pressure

Benefits of using Hot Tapping or Under Pressure Drilling

  • Save energy – no loss of temperature either heating or cooling
  • No loss of inhibitors/anti-corrosives/biocides
  • No loss of water treatment
  • No loss of pressure or fresh water being introduced into the system
  • No venting of air from the system, thereby preventing further corrosion
  • Assisting in the control of Legionella
  • Environmental benefits

Hot tapping and under pressure drilling are suitable for

  • Heating systems
  • Hot and cold water services
  • District Heating Schemes
  • Chilled water systems
  • Condenser water lines
  • Fire sprinkler systems

All work is carried out using pneumatic machines, which allows quick and cost-effective work – for instance, we can complete work on a 6”/150mm pipe in just 20 minutes, compared to two hours with traditional methods.

Bishop Group Services can conduct hot tapping on pipework up to 12”/305mm in diameter.