Bishop Group Services is a complete international cryogenics and solution provider with more than 40 years’ experience.

Bishop Group Services was the world’s first dedicated pipefreezing company, founded by Cyril Bishop in 1972. Since then, the firm has operated across the globe on a variety of cryogenic services for:

  • On- and off-shore oil and gas
  • Building services
  • Water providers
  • Power generation companies
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Steel industries

Why Bishop Group Services?

  • Team with a combined experience of more than 125 years in  pipefreezing, shrink fitting, hot tapping and related works
  • The pioneer in the use of super vacuum hoses, dramatically expanding the possibilities of pipefreezing
  • Carried out the world’s first offshore pipefreezing application, in 1977
  • Founder of the International Pipefreezing Association
  • The world-leading experts in pipefreezing, with Cyril Bishop playing an instrumental role with universities and industry
    to develop best practice